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Posters: Science and Society

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The ‘turn’ to sensing as a civic affirmation of a right to produce risk information


Anna Berti Suman

The InFORM Project: Marine Monitoring and Risk Communication in Response to the Fukushima Disaster

InFORMプロジェクト: 福島第一原子力発電所事故に対応した海洋モニタリングとリスクコミュニケーション

Jay Cullen

Our Radioactive Ocean: Using citizen-science to monitor North America’s shores for radioactivity

Our Radioactive Ocean: 市民科学による北米海岸における放射能の監視

Jessica Drysdale

Cesium isotope monitoring efforts and results in the Central Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands


Henrietta Dulai

Making contamination visible - tools, practices and performances of radiation monitoring in Fukushima


Louise Elstow

Risk communication to support the revitalisation of Fukushima fisheries since 2011


Leslie Mabon

Risk communication from a government perspective: Advantages of a collaborative approach


Jean-Francois Mercier

Fisheries and the monitoring and inspection in Fukushima during 9 years


Shotaro Suzuki

Fukushima Travels

福島第一原子力発電所事故 -ベルギーからの展望

Michiel Van Oudheusden