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Radioisotopes 226Ra, 228Ra
Detection by gamma

This method specifies the minimum requirements and laboratory methods for measuring 226Ra and 228Ra in seawater samples using gamma-spectrometry via leaching Mn-fiber.

Water samples are collected in acid-cleaned containers and pretreated on board, by passing through a 1 mm cartridge filter followed by a MnO2-impregnated acrylic fiber (Mn-fiber) column to extract dissolved radium (see Rama and Moore, 1996). Post processing will take place at the home laboratory by leaching the Mn-fiber and co-precipitating radium with BaSO4. Ra isotopes emissions are finally measured by gamma spectrometry (see Moore, 1984). Isotope ingrowth and decay corrections are applied to calculate 226Ra and 228Ra activities.

Source G. Wang
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