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Radioisotopes 90Sr, 137Cs, 241Am, 239,240Pu, 55Fe
Detection by beta, alpha

The following radiochemical protocol was used by the V.T. Bowen Laboratory group at the Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution. The method describes in detail the sequential extraction method for measuring multiple radionuclides (Sr, Am, Cs, Pu, Fe) in biological samples. Original sample sizes of approximately 50 g are required but size could be reduced with improved instrumentation. As well some separations could be used for sediment samples. The sample is treated so that the isotopes of interest for that particular sample are separated and subsequently prepared for radioactivity measurement. Due to the varying nature of biological samples and the variations in sampling regimes, scrutiny is given to each sample to determine which, if not all, isotopic analyses will be performed.
Method authored by J.M. Palmieri, D.R. Mann and L. Graham.

This method includes sample ashing followed by elemental separation schemes predominantly involving gravimetric or ion exchange methods. Metal recoveries could be done by ICP-MS versus the described atomic adsorption.

Source K. Buesseler
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